Indonesia`s films need better distribution strategy

London (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Ambassador to Britain and the Republic of Ireland Marty Natalegawa said on Friday Indonesia needed to learn a better distribution strategy for its films in order to get access to European markets, especially to British market.Indonesia was one of the world`s biggest film producers, Ambassador Natalegawa said in a reception held for noted Indonesian film director Garin Nugroho.

A Garin-directed film, `Opera Jawa` (Javanese Opera) will be shown in the Barbican Cultural Centre on Saturday night to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the centre. British top director Peter Seller, who is also a curator of the New Crowned Hope Festival, will also attend the show.

Natalegawa said that Garin was one of the Indonesian Cultural Ambassadors.

Garin, meanwhile admitted it was not easy to get access to international market or to get his films shown in British theaters although his films were often shown in many international film festivals.

The `Opera Jawa` was shown for the first time in Vienna, Austria in November 2006.

In the Nantes Film Festival, the `Opera Jawa` won awards for two categories, namely the Best Actress (Artika Sari Devi) and the Best Soundtrack and Music Composition (Rahayu Supanggah).

Source: Antara News

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