Mariana Renata Targetting Modelling Career in New York

Calls to be a model is more powerful than a movie player. That is a recognized model Mariana Renata.

After a taste of stage acting, Mariana was determined to explore a career focusing on the world of modeling .

Found after the campaign "Healthy Living Starts from Now" in Djakarta XXI Theatre on Wednesday (16/03/2011), this 27-year-old virgin expressed their wish to develop careers in the world model.

"I want to continue and increasingly focus on the world modeling. Hopefully accomplished after in New York later, "said movie star Janji Joni 's.

Various preparations are now underway to realize his dream. Just so you know, this French-born woman had just obtained a master's degree majoring in International Bussiness at a university in Sydney, Australia.

Armed with knowledge gained, the Mariana hoping to support his dreams were. "While I have not bound to settle down and have children, then as now to reach that dream. So far I also quite enjoy the profession that I have, "said Mariana.

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Indonesian Government Issues Import Film Policy

Directorate General of Customs and Excise, On Monday, February 21, 2011 at 11:30 pm, has been carried Press Release on the Main Auditorium DGCE Headquarters concerning rules on the import content of the film with the following material:

* There are no new policies or regulations of foreign movies because of the additional royalties into the customs value is in conformity with the WTO Valuation Agreement was ratified by Law No. 7 of 1994 and in Adopt the Law No. 10 of 1995 amended by No. 17/2006 on Customs governing provisions of the Customs Value.

* No increase of tariffs. Film imports classified under HS Code 3706 with the imposition of tariffs of 10%, 10% import VAT and Income Tax section 22 imports 2.5%.

* DGCE do a re-assessment based on the reference as follows:

* Following the meeting of tariff harmonization of inter-departmental team on February 11, 2010 at the Center for State Revenue Policy BKF, led a meeting of the National Film Advisory Board (BP2N) with the Head of BKF, BKF at the meeting stated that the problem is the calculation of customs value for imported films based only the price of the print copy of the film, not including royalties and profit-sharing rights

* Letter of the National Film Advisory Board (BP2N) to the Director General of Customs 282/BP2N/III/2010 number dated March 26, 2010 concerning the application for determination of customs value of imported films in accordance with fair value, arguing that:

* Taxes levied against the movie industry has been higher than imported films.

* Based on data from websites Mojo Film Box - Office, the circulation of some foreign movies which paid the producer (52 titles) film for the period April 2009 till February 2010 has produced almost $ 60 million or equivalent to Rp + 570 billion (exchange rate = Rp 9,500 / 1 USD).

* Letter of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade to the Chairman BP2N Number 121/DAGLU/4/2010 dated April 12, 2010 which states that there are factors unique film containing intellectual property rights (intellectual property rights) so that the determination of customs value not just use the standard flat metric Average per film (USD 0.43/meter).

* Letter from bkf to BP2N Number S-320/KF/2010 dated June 17, 2010 regarding the Fiscal Incentives for Industrial National Film and determining the Customs Value of Imported Films, which essentially contains the determination of customs value of goods imported film is the implementation of Law no. 17 of 2006 on Customs is not a policy.

* DGCE do a re-assessment in accordance with Law 10 of 1995 amended by No. 17/2006 on customs affairs, where the procedure entry of imported goods in accordance bill adheres to the principles of self assessment. Based on these principles DGCE authorized to conduct testing of the notification referred. In the notification pabeannya importer only inform the cost of printing copies of the film without entering into a royalty pabeannya value, so add it into the calculation DGCE customs value per regulation.

* On February 18, 2011 made between DGCE meeting with the MPA and Film Producers (among other things: 21th century, Walt Disney, Time Warner, Sony Pictures) discussed the problems of the customs value of imported films, the meeting asked the MPA DGCE and Producer intended to convey in writing the things that concern them to the Director-General, and until now has not received DGCE.


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10 Most Exciting Indonesian celebrity Twitter

Ten years ago, there was no way We can deliver messages directly to the celebrity idol. Send a letter Could Be, but it was not necessarily read. Moreover returned.

But Twitter change all that. Not only facilitate communication Between friends, social networks are "created" in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey is so one tool for the fans to be Closer to his idol artist. Vice versa. Just imagine, once Perhaps We Could never have thought to Interact with the local movie star favorite. Now, even classmates star Paris Hilton Could only say hello if you send back a message via Twitter.

But not everyone is to follow celebrities Because he wanted to "chat" with her idol. Also many did enjoy reading Twitter celebrity to simply find out Their daily activities, or read inspiring and funny Things That Often divided the celebrity via Twitter. Unfortunately, many local celebrities WHO seem to know what the difference is still not reply to re-tweet, so That all Their private conversations on Twitter as "littering" our timeline.

That's why the Following ten celebrities special sort. They not only use Twitter properly - reply without RT, and do not use Twitlonger (Is. .., except for one person) - but Things They twit contains interesting, unique, funny, and inspiring. No wonder so many of Their followers ngefans-ngefans Actually not really on the celebrity. Only ngefans with twitnya.
" "This bestselling author has not failed to churn the stomach a lot of people even if only through 140 "characters. "

1. Christian Sugiono / @ Csugiono
In Various soap operas and films, the actor WHO Tian Called fondly looks calm, romantic, and mellow. Twitter did not like that. He is even more Often write about Things That are funny da little "crazy".
Twit Example: After Sangkuriang kick boat to be a mountain, Immediately he was recruited as a national team striker. # DongengSingkat

2. Indra Herlambang / @ Indraherlambang
Similar to the chatter while Bringing in the television gossip show, twit Indra was usually no less funny.
Example twit: New tau. If dancer cue motret give it instead of one, two, three. But .. five, six, seven, eight! Cheers!

3. David Naif / @ davidbayu
Vocalist this one is known to hilarious. No wonder if twitnya Laughter was always inviting, although you Should Wait Until at least 17 years old if You Want memfollow Twitter.
Example twit: Mas Anang kok ga kd DTG in marriage? In an ad kok doi hide in his bh

4. Mubarak Tropical / @ fitrop
Former radio announcer and sketch comedy television star has never left the humorisnya Properties, Including on Twitter.
Example twit: Copot2 bun and sasakan. Liat glass. "OMG. .. U Punjabi Mother Is That?"

5. Desta / @ desta80s
In Addition to humorous, the former personnel Clubeighties Also like to talk about Everyday activities without Impressed stale or boring.
Twit Example: In the RSPP -> Bapak2: Originally ngganteng kok ya Mas .. Plasticity in old tv .. Seriously! | I: The Pak? Hehe (while thoughts like shooting lg ga)

6. Sarah Sechan / @ sarseh
Who says women celebrities always keep the image? Sarah Sechan PROVE That the twit Who Are honest and candid, Actually Could he inspire many people.
Example twit: Pls li'lWarrior says "thank u mom, u're the best" i feel Blessed. to all mothers, u are Queen. treat urself to something wonderful today:)

7. Raditya Dika / @ radityadika
From selebblog to selebtwit. This bestselling author has not failed to churn the stomach a lot of people even if only through 140 characters.
Twit Example: If in one mushroom soup bowl I pour one bottle kalpanax, if the soup is gone?

8. Sherina Munaf / @ sherinamunaf
Contents Twitter Sherwood Actually not much different from most teens (teen smart, of course). But maybe that's why twitnya liked. Precisely Nearly one million people.
Example twit: Movies | Mother: Sher, watch Berlesek aja | Me: What? | Adek: Berleskue, kak | Me: ... Burlesque? Ooh.

9. Anji Drive / @ erdianaji
Anji on Twitter Memfollow must not mean a big fan of Anji. Most followers of this fact is the vocalist Drive lovers of literature.
Example twit: HAD TIME ~ Finish the prayer, said Softly on my shoulder there. Angel of death. I'm ready. With a smile, I'm back. @ Fiksimini

10. Agnes Monica / @ agnezmo
Unlike the above nine names, Agnes Monica is one example of a celebrity Twitter timeline less NEAT. RT and Twitlonger everywhere. Diligent in. But he was sharing with his fans, Including through motivational phrases That Often he twitkan.
Example twit: "When the Lord is saying you can do it, it does not matter WHO else is saying you cans notes" - @ joelosteen. Thank You, Lord for being my strength.

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Cewek Saweran: Film about Dangdut, full of erotic dance

Indonesian film, which was considered quite attractive in March 2011, one of which is "Saweran Girl". The title is more connotations to the film for adult consumption.

The film tells the story of a girl Saweran love story spiced by a swathe of modern dangdut. It is said a girl named Ayu (Juwita Bahar), which is derived from a small village on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. With a capital of singing talent, she then migrated to the city of Yogyakarta. In this Gudeg City, Ayu stay at home Ning, her aunt who opened a small salon business.

During Ayu not get the job, he helped Ning worked in the salon. Dimas, a friend from the village of Ayu's more used to live in Yogyakarta, an occasional escort Ayu looking for a job.

Failed to get a job, Ayu who dreams of becoming a famous dangdut singer, together Dimas and Anga, finally plunging into other street, just to connect to the cost of living. It turned out that sound and shake Ayu can suck the attention of men. Voice and sway Ayu, as if to hypnotize the audience to menyawer men. Ayu also earned the nickname saweran girl.

Besides the struggle to become famous dangdut singer, who presented the film Girl conflict Saweran Batavia Pictures production is the problem of love. Dimas and Anga was equally loved Ayu. They try to compete to get the heart Ayu. Then, who managed to get the heart Ayu? Curious? Watch any film which began March 3 of this circulation.

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Rindu Purnama:It's not about Street Childreen's Film

In terms of story themes, background and picture taking, Rindu Purnama film produced by Muchus Mathias has been okay, according to my assessment. But from some settings adengan Mizan film produced is still 'failed' and yet managed to touch me.

Game faces and body language are a little cheating Korean film, still less than the maximum of the performers portrayed in the film is so bland flavor is very strong 90-minute film to accompany it.

Initially I was struck by shooting in landscape is a portrait as a whole lives in Jakarta, a busy and crowded. Chase scene at the opening of the film also reminds me of the oscar-winning films from India, Slumdog Millionaire.

But that's where the weak points in the film is produced Putut Wijanarko. He wanted to combine adengan romp with typical Indonesian nuangsa comedy that had made me tired and bored with the movie genre of commodity that is too forced to be funny.

Perhaps more precisely, was forced to look natural but it looks quite rough few adengan of existing performers. Okay, they are just extras that emergence is also only occasionally. But this should be a great lesson for Mathias Muchus who has starred in 30 films so far.

In terms of his own story, I want to say if the film does not tell about the lives of street children. But more tepanya romance between Surya (Tengku Firman) by Sarah (Ririn Ekawati) which disipi jealousy Monieq (Titi Sjuman).

The lives of street children is just rumor. They only become complementary life romance stories that emerged from the two human body language that it is found here.

If this is indeed the core of the film tells the story of street children, why the emergence of Fly / Purnama (Salma Paramitha) is dominated by three famous actors who played in the film. Stories about Purnama itself is not deep, just surface. More precisely the story of street children is only the second connecting these beings.

Whereas before, bang Mathias has been revealed if the first film that dinahkodainya this will have much to tell about street children. I am even more kesengsem with the film's story What a funny thing Affairs This is indeed explicitly describe the life of street children become pickpockets or Denias terpasa which tells the struggle of a child at an altitude of Papua.

In essence, the movie Fly Purnama not a movie about the life of street children, but who happens to love the film brought together by street children.

I also do not find the climax in this film. Finally it was predictable when the movie runs about 30 minutes first. With a heavy heart I say if the film is still not yet managed to touch me that was delighted with the story of street children.

Many adengan which I think is also not realistic. Although this is only a movie, but it possible that a child who was hit by a car must amnesia without a scar on his head. Without blood and without any defects or scratches. Impossible in my opinion.

But fortunately, out of boredom I watched this movie carpet premiere at the Cineplex Mall Ratu Indah XXI Makassar, the soundtrack of the movie made ​​me feel better. The songs and music presented by little to build the atmosphere.

However, my appreciation of Mathias who was trying to make this movie for the full year. Although not yet able to make my movie reconcile this with the movie Turtles Can Fly is also talked about the children in Iraq.

I just pray I hope the Indonesian movies in the future can be more creative and present the spectacle that educate and entertain. One more, this film is slightly size have an entertaining educational element.

By Rahmat Hardiansya, Kompasiana

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Rindu Purnama: Seeking The Essence of Human Identity

A film that tells more of the reality of the lives of minority communities in the Jakarta metropolitan city could presumably be a reference to you in enjoying some weighty films and quality. The film took the Mizan Productions will berceritakan background street children's lives.

Film Fly Purnama is the sixth production of Mizan Productions after the Rainbow Warriors , The Dreamer , Garuda in My Chest , Mother Wants Naik Haji , and 3 World 1 Heart 2 Love . Previous film 3 Hearts 2 World 1 Love has successfully won seven Cup Image In Festival Film Indonesia (FFI), 2010.

The film was also the first film for a Mathias Muchus as the previous one because Mathias Muchus more senior aktro sebaga known in Indonesia.

The plot of this movie begins there a street child named Purnama use within living at home singgah.Purnama (Salma Paramitha) affected by amnesia following a car was hit by Mr. Surya (Tengku Firman), a workaholic businessman and still living on their own. But eventually Purnama was helped by Mr. Ret (Landung Simatupang), private driver pack Surya.

In the midst of busy life running a new project with Monik (Titi Sjuman) which is a subsidiary of Sir Roy (65 years), the owner of a property company in which Mr. Surya work. But Mr. Surya Purnama eager for quick heal away from the middle Rumahnya.Di still in the process of waiting Purnama suddenly disappear, it makes a deep regret for Mr. Surya.

Finally a brief meeting with Purnama in fact gave a deep memory of where in the end Mr. Surya intensively trying to find the existence of Purnama. And the same is also done by Sarah (Ririn Ekawati) together with the children in shelter homes. Until finally there was a meeting between Mr. Surya with Sarah in a deal that eventually they try to find the year existence Purnama together.

But the closeness of Mr Surya and Sarah make Monik jealous. As a result of property projects being executed with Mr. Surya, developed in their area to be displacing the halfway house. Once depressed moods Mr. Surya having to choose Rindu Purnama, street children and shelter homes whose fate will be evicted. On the other hand, there is huge profit to be achieved, a career that shot, and Monik who loved him.

Mr. Surya should immediately set his heart, where to dock. How the fate continuation Purnama Fly ? Will she find the happiness she longed for all this time? Find years itself a continuation of this story in your favorite movie theater that will begin airing on February 10, 2010.

Genre: Drama
Producer: Putut Widjanarko
Age: Any Age

Length: 110 Minutes

Salma Paramitha
Tengku Firman
Ririn Ekawati
Titi Sjuman
Landung Simatupang
Ratna Riantiarno
Pietrajaya Burnama
Farril Ramadan
Tara Maulana

Director: Mathias Muchus

Writer: Ifa Isfansyah and Mathias Muchus

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