Mediterranean Christian cruise

This is a good news about Christian Cruise. Join authentic sailing adventure on a privately chartered luxury yacht that holds 170 believers. Bible teachings on board and on shore Teachings in amazing settings - including the amphitheatre where the Apostle Paul spoke. Visit the Bible ports of Athens, Patmos, Ephesus and Pergamum. Full day visit to the most beautiful island in the world - Santorini.

Living Passages works in tandem with nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations who specializes in Christ centered projects and events. The events are either conferences on board privately chartered cruise ships or events that provide soft adventure and missions services to His people around the world.

Living Passages partner with organizations to help them attain their own goals. They use travel as a vehicle to further HIS Kingdom. Following are the christian cruise events:

Biblelands Mediterranean Cruise 2009
Israel - Chuck Missler 2008
Reformation with Dr. Erwin Lutzer 2008
Egypt - Biblical Journey of Moses 2008 & 09
Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Bible Tours
Purposeful Africa Cruise Winter 2010
Footsteps of Paul- Mediterranean Luxury Cruise July 2008
Footsteps of Paul-Packinghouse March 2008
Israel Bible Tour with Dr. Gabriel Mizerani

You are invited to join Mediterranean Christian cruise on July 18, 2008 with top Bible speakers. Star Clipper luxury cruise. Find more information about Bible Cruises and Christian Cruises

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