Film Review: Obama Anak Menteng (2010)

Cast starring Film Obama Anak Menteng : Hasan Faruq Ali, Cara Lachelle, Eko Noah, Teungku Zacky.

Obama Anak Menteng Movies Production: Mvp Pictures.
Producers : Raam Punjabi

Obama Anak Menteng (Little Obama), Indonesian films are adapted from “Obama Child of Menteng” -- Novel on President Obama’s School Days by Damien Dematra, with simple and inspiring story, which later became part of the mosaic of history from the first person in America, Barack Hussein Obama Jr.
This is to inspire young generations to dare to dream. If they dare to dream, nothing is impossible, because since his childhood, Obama dreamed about being a president.”

Barry Obama was 9 years old when he arrived in Menteng, Indonesia. As the new kid with a mixture of backgrounds make it difficult to adapt. Friendship with the neighborhood kids, different social strata with friends like Yuniardi, Slamet, and his assistant Turdi, took him to various experiences that will not be forgotten.
Through the game of table tennis, Monopoly, and even marbles, make Barry more familiar with Slamet and Yuniardi. He also understands the unique life of a transvestite named Turdi.All these experiences taught him, besides opening up in accepting differences, but also accept himself as a different person.

One year in Menteng equip him with a lesson that still he held until he was big. When he had managed to adapt to its environment, a conflict in him had to leave his house in Menteng.There are no words of farewell when he left the Menteng create bitterness in the hearts of his childhood friends and schoolmates. However, they believe that here has provided many unforgettable experience for Barry.

When Barry achieved his ambition to become president of the United States of America. His childhood friends in Indonesia was also happy, even though they are separated by distance and communication.

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