Soekarno Film: Indonesia Merdeka ! (2013)

His name was formerly Kusno. He was skinny and sickly . His father changed his name to Soekarno. With this new name, the skinny kid would transformed into a knight like Duke Karno. What Soekarno's father expected come true, by 24 years old Soekarno managed to shake the podium, shouting : We Need Freedom Now!!! As a result he had to jail, being Accused of inciting and rebellious as Communists. But the young Sukarno was never give up. He's getting more criticized. His pledoi named Indonesia Menggugat deliver him exiled to Ende and Bengkulu.

Sukarno take a short break from politics in that cities. His heart was tied to a young girl named Fatmawati. He however was still husband of Inggit Garnasih; a women which is older than Sukarno, who has always support him when he was in prison and discarded. Inggit has to be willing to see her beloved husband fell in love with another girl. Amid the chaos of the household, the Japanese came to lead East Asia. His political passion rebound. Netherlands defeated by Japan. Something that used to be considered giant for Sukarno, is now gone. Indonesian independence seems to be nearly true.

Meanwhile, Hatta and Sjahrir, Sukarno's political rivals at his early youth, remind him that Japan no less ruthlessly from Netherlands. But Sukarno had a different point of view.
'If we are smart, we can take advantage of Japan's efforts to achieve independence for Indonesia ' said Sukarno.

Hatta affected. But Sjahrir not. In cooperation with Japan same position Indonesia to be part of Fascism, enemies of America - Australia - Britain . Sukarno did not care. He is confident with his choice : cooperate with Japan to gain the independence of Indonesia. Together with Hatta, Sukarno was trying to realize his ideals embody the Independent of Indonesia. Youngsters followers Sjahrir booed Sukarno -Hatta as collaborators, selling their own people into the hands of the Fascists. But Sukarno has a different view.

We all know that eventually materialized Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945. But if it's expected independence? Lest Independence was merely a gift from Japan? Do not tell me what we commemorated every year Sukarno was just reward for having worked for the Japanese? How Sukarno realize that freedom? How many lives are sacrificed?

Above the horse-drawn carriage, Hajj Tjokroaminoto advice the young Sukarno : ' Man is as mysterious as nature , but if you can hold him, they 'll follow you '

That line always held Sukarno to realize his dream .... Indonesia Merdeka !

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