10 Most Exciting Indonesian celebrity Twitter

Ten years ago, there was no way We can deliver messages directly to the celebrity idol. Send a letter Could Be, but it was not necessarily read. Moreover returned.

But Twitter change all that. Not only facilitate communication Between friends, social networks are "created" in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey is so one tool for the fans to be Closer to his idol artist. Vice versa. Just imagine, once Perhaps We Could never have thought to Interact with the local movie star favorite. Now, even classmates star Paris Hilton Could only say hello if you send back a message via Twitter.

But not everyone is to follow celebrities Because he wanted to "chat" with her idol. Also many did enjoy reading Twitter celebrity to simply find out Their daily activities, or read inspiring and funny Things That Often divided the celebrity via Twitter. Unfortunately, many local celebrities WHO seem to know what the difference is still not reply to re-tweet, so That all Their private conversations on Twitter as "littering" our timeline.

That's why the Following ten celebrities special sort. They not only use Twitter properly - reply without RT, and do not use Twitlonger (Is. .., except for one person) - but Things They twit contains interesting, unique, funny, and inspiring. No wonder so many of Their followers ngefans-ngefans Actually not really on the celebrity. Only ngefans with twitnya.
" "This bestselling author has not failed to churn the stomach a lot of people even if only through 140 "characters. "

1. Christian Sugiono / @ Csugiono
In Various soap operas and films, the actor WHO Tian Called fondly looks calm, romantic, and mellow. Twitter did not like that. He is even more Often write about Things That are funny da little "crazy".
Twit Example: After Sangkuriang kick boat to be a mountain, Immediately he was recruited as a national team striker. # DongengSingkat

2. Indra Herlambang / @ Indraherlambang
Similar to the chatter while Bringing in the television gossip show, twit Indra was usually no less funny.
Example twit: New tau. If dancer cue motret give it instead of one, two, three. But .. five, six, seven, eight! Cheers!

3. David Naif / @ davidbayu
Vocalist this one is known to hilarious. No wonder if twitnya Laughter was always inviting, although you Should Wait Until at least 17 years old if You Want memfollow Twitter.
Example twit: Mas Anang kok ga kd DTG in marriage? In an ad kok doi hide in his bh

4. Mubarak Tropical / @ fitrop
Former radio announcer and sketch comedy television star has never left the humorisnya Properties, Including on Twitter.
Example twit: Copot2 bun and sasakan. Liat glass. "OMG. .. U Punjabi Mother Is That?"

5. Desta / @ desta80s
In Addition to humorous, the former personnel Clubeighties Also like to talk about Everyday activities without Impressed stale or boring.
Twit Example: In the RSPP -> Bapak2: Originally ngganteng kok ya Mas .. Plasticity in old tv .. Seriously! | I: The Pak? Hehe (while thoughts like shooting lg ga)

6. Sarah Sechan / @ sarseh
Who says women celebrities always keep the image? Sarah Sechan PROVE That the twit Who Are honest and candid, Actually Could he inspire many people.
Example twit: Pls li'lWarrior says "thank u mom, u're the best" i feel Blessed. to all mothers, u are Queen. treat urself to something wonderful today:)

7. Raditya Dika / @ radityadika
From selebblog to selebtwit. This bestselling author has not failed to churn the stomach a lot of people even if only through 140 characters.
Twit Example: If in one mushroom soup bowl I pour one bottle kalpanax, if the soup is gone?

8. Sherina Munaf / @ sherinamunaf
Contents Twitter Sherwood Actually not much different from most teens (teen smart, of course). But maybe that's why twitnya liked. Precisely Nearly one million people.
Example twit: Movies | Mother: Sher, watch Berlesek aja | Me: What? | Adek: Berleskue, kak | Me: ... Burlesque? Ooh.

9. Anji Drive / @ erdianaji
Anji on Twitter Memfollow must not mean a big fan of Anji. Most followers of this fact is the vocalist Drive lovers of literature.
Example twit: HAD TIME ~ Finish the prayer, said Softly on my shoulder there. Angel of death. I'm ready. With a smile, I'm back. @ Fiksimini

10. Agnes Monica / @ agnezmo
Unlike the above nine names, Agnes Monica is one example of a celebrity Twitter timeline less NEAT. RT and Twitlonger everywhere. Diligent in. But he was sharing with his fans, Including through motivational phrases That Often he twitkan.
Example twit: "When the Lord is saying you can do it, it does not matter WHO else is saying you cans notes" - @ joelosteen. Thank You, Lord for being my strength.

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