Cewek Saweran: Film about Dangdut, full of erotic dance

Indonesian film, which was considered quite attractive in March 2011, one of which is "Saweran Girl". The title is more connotations to the film for adult consumption.

The film tells the story of a girl Saweran love story spiced by a swathe of modern dangdut. It is said a girl named Ayu (Juwita Bahar), which is derived from a small village on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. With a capital of singing talent, she then migrated to the city of Yogyakarta. In this Gudeg City, Ayu stay at home Ning, her aunt who opened a small salon business.

During Ayu not get the job, he helped Ning worked in the salon. Dimas, a friend from the village of Ayu's more used to live in Yogyakarta, an occasional escort Ayu looking for a job.

Failed to get a job, Ayu who dreams of becoming a famous dangdut singer, together Dimas and Anga, finally plunging into other street, just to connect to the cost of living. It turned out that sound and shake Ayu can suck the attention of men. Voice and sway Ayu, as if to hypnotize the audience to menyawer men. Ayu also earned the nickname saweran girl.

Besides the struggle to become famous dangdut singer, who presented the film Girl conflict Saweran Batavia Pictures production is the problem of love. Dimas and Anga was equally loved Ayu. They try to compete to get the heart Ayu. Then, who managed to get the heart Ayu? Curious? Watch any film which began March 3 of this circulation.

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