Mariana Renata Targetting Modelling Career in New York

Calls to be a model is more powerful than a movie player. That is a recognized model Mariana Renata.

After a taste of stage acting, Mariana was determined to explore a career focusing on the world of modeling .

Found after the campaign "Healthy Living Starts from Now" in Djakarta XXI Theatre on Wednesday (16/03/2011), this 27-year-old virgin expressed their wish to develop careers in the world model.

"I want to continue and increasingly focus on the world modeling. Hopefully accomplished after in New York later, "said movie star Janji Joni 's.

Various preparations are now underway to realize his dream. Just so you know, this French-born woman had just obtained a master's degree majoring in International Bussiness at a university in Sydney, Australia.

Armed with knowledge gained, the Mariana hoping to support his dreams were. "While I have not bound to settle down and have children, then as now to reach that dream. So far I also quite enjoy the profession that I have, "said Mariana.

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