Rindu Purnama: Seeking The Essence of Human Identity

A film that tells more of the reality of the lives of minority communities in the Jakarta metropolitan city could presumably be a reference to you in enjoying some weighty films and quality. The film took the Mizan Productions will berceritakan background street children's lives.

Film Fly Purnama is the sixth production of Mizan Productions after the Rainbow Warriors , The Dreamer , Garuda in My Chest , Mother Wants Naik Haji , and 3 World 1 Heart 2 Love . Previous film 3 Hearts 2 World 1 Love has successfully won seven Cup Image In Festival Film Indonesia (FFI), 2010.

The film was also the first film for a Mathias Muchus as the previous one because Mathias Muchus more senior aktro sebaga known in Indonesia.

The plot of this movie begins there a street child named Purnama use within living at home singgah.Purnama (Salma Paramitha) affected by amnesia following a car was hit by Mr. Surya (Tengku Firman), a workaholic businessman and still living on their own. But eventually Purnama was helped by Mr. Ret (Landung Simatupang), private driver pack Surya.

In the midst of busy life running a new project with Monik (Titi Sjuman) which is a subsidiary of Sir Roy (65 years), the owner of a property company in which Mr. Surya work. But Mr. Surya Purnama eager for quick heal away from the middle Rumahnya.Di still in the process of waiting Purnama suddenly disappear, it makes a deep regret for Mr. Surya.

Finally a brief meeting with Purnama in fact gave a deep memory of where in the end Mr. Surya intensively trying to find the existence of Purnama. And the same is also done by Sarah (Ririn Ekawati) together with the children in shelter homes. Until finally there was a meeting between Mr. Surya with Sarah in a deal that eventually they try to find the year existence Purnama together.

But the closeness of Mr Surya and Sarah make Monik jealous. As a result of property projects being executed with Mr. Surya, developed in their area to be displacing the halfway house. Once depressed moods Mr. Surya having to choose Rindu Purnama, street children and shelter homes whose fate will be evicted. On the other hand, there is huge profit to be achieved, a career that shot, and Monik who loved him.

Mr. Surya should immediately set his heart, where to dock. How the fate continuation Purnama Fly ? Will she find the happiness she longed for all this time? Find years itself a continuation of this story in your favorite movie theater that will begin airing on February 10, 2010.

Genre: Drama
Producer: Putut Widjanarko
Age: Any Age

Length: 110 Minutes

Salma Paramitha
Tengku Firman
Ririn Ekawati
Titi Sjuman
Landung Simatupang
Ratna Riantiarno
Pietrajaya Burnama
Farril Ramadan
Tara Maulana

Director: Mathias Muchus

Writer: Ifa Isfansyah and Mathias Muchus

visit the official movie website http://www.filmrindupurnama.com/

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