Rindu Purnama:It's not about Street Childreen's Film

In terms of story themes, background and picture taking, Rindu Purnama film produced by Muchus Mathias has been okay, according to my assessment. But from some settings adengan Mizan film produced is still 'failed' and yet managed to touch me.

Game faces and body language are a little cheating Korean film, still less than the maximum of the performers portrayed in the film is so bland flavor is very strong 90-minute film to accompany it.

Initially I was struck by shooting in landscape is a portrait as a whole lives in Jakarta, a busy and crowded. Chase scene at the opening of the film also reminds me of the oscar-winning films from India, Slumdog Millionaire.

But that's where the weak points in the film is produced Putut Wijanarko. He wanted to combine adengan romp with typical Indonesian nuangsa comedy that had made me tired and bored with the movie genre of commodity that is too forced to be funny.

Perhaps more precisely, was forced to look natural but it looks quite rough few adengan of existing performers. Okay, they are just extras that emergence is also only occasionally. But this should be a great lesson for Mathias Muchus who has starred in 30 films so far.

In terms of his own story, I want to say if the film does not tell about the lives of street children. But more tepanya romance between Surya (Tengku Firman) by Sarah (Ririn Ekawati) which disipi jealousy Monieq (Titi Sjuman).

The lives of street children is just rumor. They only become complementary life romance stories that emerged from the two human body language that it is found here.

If this is indeed the core of the film tells the story of street children, why the emergence of Fly / Purnama (Salma Paramitha) is dominated by three famous actors who played in the film. Stories about Purnama itself is not deep, just surface. More precisely the story of street children is only the second connecting these beings.

Whereas before, bang Mathias has been revealed if the first film that dinahkodainya this will have much to tell about street children. I am even more kesengsem with the film's story What a funny thing Affairs This is indeed explicitly describe the life of street children become pickpockets or Denias terpasa which tells the struggle of a child at an altitude of Papua.

In essence, the movie Fly Purnama not a movie about the life of street children, but who happens to love the film brought together by street children.

I also do not find the climax in this film. Finally it was predictable when the movie runs about 30 minutes first. With a heavy heart I say if the film is still not yet managed to touch me that was delighted with the story of street children.

Many adengan which I think is also not realistic. Although this is only a movie, but it possible that a child who was hit by a car must amnesia without a scar on his head. Without blood and without any defects or scratches. Impossible in my opinion.

But fortunately, out of boredom I watched this movie carpet premiere at the Cineplex Mall Ratu Indah XXI Makassar, the soundtrack of the movie made ​​me feel better. The songs and music presented by little to build the atmosphere.

However, my appreciation of Mathias who was trying to make this movie for the full year. Although not yet able to make my movie reconcile this with the movie Turtles Can Fly is also talked about the children in Iraq.

I just pray I hope the Indonesian movies in the future can be more creative and present the spectacle that educate and entertain. One more, this film is slightly size have an entertaining educational element.

By Rahmat Hardiansya, Kompasiana

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